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"Love, love, love this place! The staff are so friendly and accommodating! Everyone at Calgary Anti-Aging Spa has the answers to all my questions and their treatment suggestions are bang on!"

Nicole, B, Calgary, AB
"Have used their services for several different things. The staff is exceptional very accommodating, friendly and knowledgeable. I have enjoyed the services they offer.I would recommend Calgary Anti Aging Spa to everyone. Their prices are reasonable & their premises pristine!"

Diane, G, Calgary, AB
"I got a package of ultrasonic cavitation treatments to treat my larger, fatter thigh. There was a noticeable reduction in size relative to the smaller thigh, and I also saw an improvement in texture of that thigh."

Marta, Calgary, AB
"I am thrilled with the results since starting both refirme and ultra-cavitation. I am an actor and a castmate recently mentioned that I could not possibly be old enough to play her mother...and she guessed my age to be 12 years younger than I am!! If that isn't a testimonial I don't know what is!! :) " 8/11/13
Lynne C,
"I went through ultrasonic cavitation body contouring before and decided to try it at Calgary anti-Aging Spa, Those professionals really know what they are doing, I have only went to 3 sessions so far and I can see the results. I have 6 sessions and intend to take another 6 sessions." 6/16/2014
Mona M, Calgary
"I had the ReFirme procedure done today and am thrilled with the results. I didn't expect to see results for a couple of months, so I was very surprised when I saw myself in the mirror. My skin was smooth, crow's feet gone, and my neck and area under the chin much tighter. I look and feel years younger!"
Laura, Airdrie
"I found the service was good once you got into the spa, FYI - there is free parking along 12th Avenue between 6th & 7th street!"
Joanne, Calgary
"I recently received the IPL Acne Clearing Treatment and had extremely positive results; thank you for helping me out."
Stacey, Calgary
I have had to explain the broken capillaries on my legs, from sports, for the last 10 years. I was SOOOO excited to see them magically fade away after only a few treatments. I now feel confident in skirts again. Thank you, thank you, thank you Calgary Anti-aging Spa!!
Shelly, Okotokes
"I was happy I got exactly what the advertisement said I would get. It was relaxing. I love the idea of organic skin products also."
Brittany, Calgary, AB
"I was initially quite hesitant to spend the money on services that this Spa was offering. After speaking with the staff, owner included, all of my fears were put at ease. It is such a small space but these ladies work as best they can in such a small area with your confidentiality going unharmed. Their professionalism is at a high standard and I would recommend this Spa to anyone. The location is not the best for me but I feel comfortable and very welcomed into this Spa. Give them a shot as you will not be disappointed!"
Dianne, Calgary
"Out of all spas I've visited this place has been the best one. They don't cheap out like many many other places do. Nor do they try to sell you more products that should be included in the service. I would go back anytime and recommend this place to everyone."
Louise, Calgary
"It's like little rubber bands flicking so slightly. It's amazing! The skin appears smoother as we speak"
Connie, Calgary
"I decided to investigate this location when I saw them on Dealathons. So I made an appointment and spoke with Kathy about all the services offered and their differences, the membership deal and decided to give it a try. I have been very impressed with all of it so far...Ultracavitation and Refirme Elos ... so easy, soothing and relaxing and the staff are very caring and professional! And I am seeing results immediately...exactly what is promised! I would highly recommend them to anyone who will listen! :)"
Lynne C, Calgary
"I have tried every acne treatment on the planet. This is the first time I have been free of acne in my adult life, thanks to your IPL acne treatments."
Rachel, Calgary