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IPL Laser Hair Removal is an easy and effective 
method of permanent hair reduction.
 Plucking, Plucking, or tweezing can be painful…. Laser Hair Removal is a better option!
Many people have unwanted hair.  It’s common on the upper lip, chin, cheeks, fingers, feet & toes. Why not eliminate unwanted hair from Bikini , Under Arm hair or chin.
The Light pulse from the IPL works to destroy the hair bulb.  Permanent hair reduction can be easily achieved within four to eight treatments.
Choose a package of 4 sessions for a total
of 30 minute Laser Hair Removal treatments of your choice or combination:


$249.00 +gst

(Regular Price up to $556.00)


Choose a package of 8 sessions of 30 minutes for
$499.00 +gst
(Regular Price up to $950.00)

Now available in Calgary Anti-Aging Spa

Professional Grade Skin Care “Serene”
for “Medical Results ..without a prescription”
Serene Professional Skin Care

BuSerene Professional Skin Care
Products are designed, formulated and manufactured in an FDA approved (organic certified) facility. Serene is offered to skin care professionals and their clients only. Serene products offer one of the highest percentage and superior quality ingredients then most products in the skin care category. With more than 90% active ingredients and formulated with less base ingredients to promote deeper skin care results.

Serene “Professional Skin Care” stimulate the growth of new skin cells and collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The following are some of the most popular Serene products you can order now.

Vitamin C Emollient – possess definite scientifically validated merits for wrinkle reduction. Ability to repair and reducing signs of photoaging.
-natural SPF elements in it. $98.00 ea
-due to high concentration product should be stored in refrigeration.
Regenerating Eye Cream – Phenomenal results, Retinyl Palmitate, vitamin K and A. Has been also known to treat the appearance of dark circles as well. $75.00 ea
Hyaluronic Acid Serum – Good for Acne and excellent moisturizer. $70.00 ea
Skin Recovery Serum – Advance wound healing ingredients and decrease signs of aging. $98.00 ea
Skin Lightening – is an affective treatment for hyper pigmented skin within 3-4 weeks. $58.00 ea

AHA 3 Facial Cleanser – Reduces dirt and Oil and Glycol acids helps with the natural process of sloughing dead skin cells for improved skin tone. $45.00 ea

Salicylic Cleanser
Salicylic is known as the acne killer. $45.00 ea

Facial Toner ph 5.0-5.5 – contains Vitamin C to help restore natural PH. $50.00 ea

AHA 15 Refining Gel (glycol acid 15) -glycolic acid will help in the sloughing of dead skin.
$70.00 ea

Vitamin A – Corrects the early signs of aging. $78.00 ea
Ageless Peptide Cream – Two powerful ingredients to increase collagen. $65.00

Refining Clay Mask -Absorbs and removes toxins from skin. $60.00

UVA UVB shield – Effective, light Moisturizing lotion to use before sun exposure. $40.00 ea

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